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Wood Apple - Fruit Plants & Tree

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Wood apple is Botanically known as Limonia acidissima, This fruit is native to India but is also found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and various other regions in the southern part of Asia. The fruit shells are tough, and the inside is brownish pulp and small white seeds. The pulp can be eaten raw, but it is popularly scooped out and frozen, or made into jam. It can also be mixed with coconut milk for a delicious, healthy beverage, or frozen into ice cream. 

  • These fruits are considered auspicious to be offered to Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha in festival/Pujas.
  • A majority of Hindu temples will have a sacred tree within their compound.
  • Flowering starts in March and fruits ripen from early September.
  • Suitable to grow in hot and humid climates with temperatures above 30degree Celsius.
  • Grow in a variety of soil, but prefer well-drained soil.
  • Suitable to grow in a pot or sunny balcony.