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White Champaca / Magnolia alba (Grafted) - Perfuming Plants

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About the Plant - 

  • It is an evergreen tree & mainly grown for its strongly fragrant white flowers.
  • The flowers remain fragrant for several days, before wilting and being disposed of.
  • It is a hybrid plant Magnolia X alba & it is also known as White sandalwood & White Jade Orchid tree.  
  • It is widely cultivated as an Ornamental plant, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions of Asia for the strongly fragrant flowers.

Growing Tips - 

  • Easy to grow in a garden pot.
  • It loves full sunlight areas to semi sunlight areas. 
  • It prefers moderate temperature & humidity.
  • The tree grows luxuriantly under humid conditions does not like waterlogging
  • The minimum distance between plant to plant should be 4m*4m.

Maximum Height - It can reach heights of 4-5 meters. 

Flowering Season - It flowers mainly in February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, sometimes it may vary depending on the local climate.

Landscape uses - Planted in Botanical Garden, as Ornamental plant in Garden, in the middle of the lawn, near the compound wall, as line plantation, in the pot, near the temple, etc.


    1. White Champaca plant 1-3 Feet Height
    2. Growing Pot (Black color)  6 Inch

    *above specifications are for indicative purposes only, actual dimensions may slightly vary.


    1. Remove the Packaging Materials carefully.
    2. Press the soil in the pot & add additional soil(garden mix) if necessary.
    3. Maintain moisture in the pot, Do not overwater it may kill your plant, so make sure that the soil should be dry between watering.
    4. Make sure that plants get enough morning direct bright light(2-3hrs) for 10-15 days & do not go for immediate transplanting (minimum 1 month)
    5. You can remain the plant in the same pot for 1 month, later you can transplant it directly into the ground.
    6. Just prune if any branch of the plant is get damaged in transits. New leaves will come definitely.